Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nasdaq: Top at 2340 in the first week of January 2010

Nasdaq: Nope, I'm not crazy : D. Actually, I wanted to present you with a normal Nasdaq chart and explain why it is so difficult to find the correct wave degree.

But I didn't count on Mr. Fibonacci: While I was looking at the chart I realized that there are some very nice fibonacci relationships between the waves.

So, with the aid of Mr. Fibonacci, I can tell you the date when and the price where the Nasdaq will peak:

As if it's not enough my cycle also peaks in the first week of January 2010.

Btw, if the top won't occur in that week and not around 2340 blame Mr. Fibonacci for that; and if the top will occur praise me ofc : D ^^

Edit: In the very same week Primary [2] will be 0,618*Primary [1] (time)