Thursday, September 1, 2011

Email problems & Gold ~ Update ~ 1 September 2011

Today I noticed that for some mysterious reason Google didn't forward emails which were sent to admin(at)gmail(dot)com to my main email address.

So if you didn't get an answer it wasn't because I ignored you but because I didn't get the emails. ; )

I created a new filter in gmail and tested it and it works now. So from now on you should get a reply much faster ; ) And to all of you who sent me an email during August: Sorry again for the late reply!


Gold dropped about 200 $ last week and once again we could read that the gold bubble burst or that gold finally completed wave 5 of 5 of 5 of an extended fifth wave...

But seriously, I don't know how you can make money if you've shorted gold each time it declined more than 50 $ in the past few years...

Don't get me wrong, sometime gold will go down but for now the uptrend is still intact and remains intact as long as the rising trendline around 1500$ holds.