Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nasdaq ~ Elliott Wave Update Week 3 2010

Nasdaq at 2100, SPX at 1040 and the Dow below 10000 by the end of next week?

Possible and it would be a nice birthday present for me but I think that my SPX count has a higher probability.

The only reason why I show you this alternative count is that the SPX count doesn't work for the Nasdaq. If I labeled it in the same way there would be an overlap between waves (i) and (iv) which is not allowed.

The only possibility to count these waves correctly is to label them as a series of waves 1's and 2's:

The drop on Friday can be labeled as the center of wave [i] (3 of 3) since there is no overlap. Thus, we should see some wave 4-5 action next week.

There are three possible places to label the top of wave [v] but I think that the best place is the top (lol...), where I had it in the first place anyway. (The other two places would be where I had it last weekend and the wave (ii) high (matching the SPX count))

So, you know now that we'll either go up or down next week... : ) I prefer the upside but I'm not going to buy any calls I'll rather add some shorts if we get back up to 1120 in the SPX.