Saturday, April 16, 2011


(I've just posted an SPX, EUR/USD, Gold and Silver a few minutes ago:

Bad news first:

I don't know if you knew it but Switzerland has an army! And once a year (for a few weeks) each citizen has to go to the army to practise shooting and to do other stuff.

Since trading is no excuse no to go I can't post frequently from the 18th of April till the 6th of May. I think we got internet there though so I should be able to write at least a very short update once a day.

Good news:

I was delighted to see that many are using the rss feed of my blog.

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For those of you who prefer emails I've now enabled the possibility to recieve my updates via email:

I'll be back on May 7th so expect many new posts from May 7th onwards. I plan to do updates on the EUR/USD and Silver & Gold more frequently, I'll keep the main focus on the SPX though.

If you have any wishes of other indices, currencies etc. you want me to post regular updates just send me an email at admin at wavaholic dot com

Have a nice weekend!