Monday, June 28, 2010

S&P 500 ~ Elliott Wave Count 28 June 2010

Bad news: The SPX was stuck in a triangle all day long

Good news: Tomorrow we should get a breakout either way.

The triangle is either a part of wave (ii) (b or x), thus c of y of (ii) would follow tomorrow or it was the whole wave (ii). Yes, I know that triangles in the second wave position are very rare but didn't we have a second wave triangle just last Tuesday? Well, it was labeled differently afterwards but if we had expected a fourth and not a second wave everybody would have labeled it as a triangle...

So, if today's action proves to be a second wave I'm sure there will be a way to label it not as a triangle... ; )

The wave count hasn't changed. Already in (iii) or still in (ii) with the bullish options still valid.

A short note to the bearish fractal:

As you can see if the correlation continues this fractal leads to a big crash. This week we should see some more or less flat or slightly down days and then decline below 1040 end of week. The crash should occur early July (6th/7th?). So let's see how this unfolds this week.