Tuesday, June 29, 2010

S&P 500 ~ Fractal 29 June 2010

I posted this fractal on Monday after the SPX almost hit my target of 1133. This is now an updated chart:

In 87 the double bottom got retested on the 34th day. On the 35th day we got a big one day rally.

Today is the 34th day and we also got that test of 1040. So, tomorrow we may get a rally before the big plunge.

If the fractal continues to correlate we should crash very soon. Just in case if this really happens I calculated the target for the crash using the same method as I calculated the 1133 rally target.

The result I got is even lower than all perma-bears together can dream of I think LOL

It's 622...

If we go that low within two weeks praise me if not forget what you've just read lol