Sunday, March 13, 2011

FAQ ~ Broker & Charting software

Which charting software do you use? and Which broker can you recommend if I don't have 25k$ I need to daytrade?

- Most charts I post are from (ES, Gold, Bond charts etc. are usually from the thinkorswim charting software, ProphetCharts or

- If you don't want to have to deposit a minimum of 25k$ you usually need to daytrade I can recommend Avafx to you. With as little as 100$ you can start to (day)trade. A few facts:

- no commission
- most currency pairs (spread 3-5 pips)
- important indices (ES (spread 2 ticks), Dow, Nasdaq, Dax,...)

In March they even offer a special bonus if you sign up (e.g. 300$ deposit = 150$ free bonus or 1000$ deposit = 300$ free bonus). So just have a go and try it ; )

If you have any other questions just shoot me an email at admin at wavaholic dot com.