Monday, January 3, 2011

3 January 2011

First trading day of the year and futures are way higher than last year. ; )

Again I'd like to thank all the readers. Thanks for all the comments, the emails and the donations. Thank you : )

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I wish you a successful and happy 2011!

I've posted quite a few updates since Xmas and if you enjoyed holiday season with your family you may have missed them and may like to read them now:

Q1 & Q2 2010 - Recap
Q3 & Q4 2010 - Recap

Two reviews of 2010 but may be a little bit different than elsewhere ; )

US Dollar Long Term Update
Gold Long Term Update
Silver Long Term Update
SPX Outlook on 2011

Well, the title pretty much says what to expect here ; )

Edit: Short term this count looks good:

Friday low = wave (iv)

wave (v) now underway (~1290)